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  • Open your account for as little as 50 EURO and start working towards owning Bitcoin without having to pay for a full Bitcoin
  • Receive 1% DAILY RETURN independent of the value of Bitcoin
  • Auto-rebuy your BTC Packages so that you return is working for you, earning you more and more Bitcoin through the power of compounding

Why USI Tech?

  • Binding legal opinion letter states that USI-Tech is a legal business in good standing (rare to find amount other Bitcoin companies in the USA)
  • 12 year old company with certified legal products in the USA per the FTC (Federal Trade Commissions)
  • Easy to use: Once your FREE account is set up, you can use your Bitcoin Wallet to complete your transaction
  • Mobile app that allows you to track your Bitcoin


The videos below will help you better understand Bitcoin and USI Tech


It's a method of exchange. Instead of dollars or euros, people everywhere are using Bitcoin! Watch this video to understand how it works.


Top financial minds around the globe are talking. See what they have to say about Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.


USI TECH has a legal opinion letter about it's validity and legitimacy as a company. Watch this video to see the legal opinion.


Below you can view the answers to some questions you may have

You are purchasing a BTC Package, the price of the package is locked in at 50 euro.

The following are excerpts from our attorney option letter dated August 22, 2017: "The secondary product offering of USI-TECH is the “BTC Package” (“BTCP”) which derives its value from USI-TECH’s non-exclusive interest in a series of Bitcoin mining contracts. In practice, a Bitcoin mining contract, also known as “Cloud mining” contracts or “cloud hashing” contracts, enable pools of Users the ability to purchase portions of server capacity within a data center server farm. The principal selling point of a Bitcoin mining contract is that it enables Users who would not otherwise have the means to purchase such server space, the ability to mine for Bitcoin. Additionally, these contracts enable users without the, inter alia, technological knowledge, software, electricity, or bandwidth to functionally mine for Bitcoin."

USI-TECH has averaged 1%, return of capital, each business day. To date, USI-TECH has paid between .75% and 1.25% every business day from the inception of BTC program in March of 2017.

The lifespan of the BTC Package is until it reaches 140% of its original value, with payout of .75% and 1.25% everyday that could be in as few as 130 days and as much as 160 days, based on the actual daily payouts.

No worries, and you are not alone in that! We have all of that taken care of for you. There are many options to get Bitcoin and we have laid them out for you in our simple setup guide. You can access the setup process by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

Unfortunately risk is always present when trying to grow capital. The key is to limit risk while maximizing the reward. USI -Tech has paid out between .75 -1.25 every working day since the inception of the BTC package March 1 2017. The risk is whether or not they continue to do so. The owners of USI-Tech are known and have make themselves visible to the public as well as have allowed a US attorney to investigate USI-Tech as well as the owners.

USI TECH creates revenue through cryptocurrency mining (The mining process uses computers to compiling recent transactions into blocks and solves a computationally difficult puzzles) and get paid in Bitcoin for transaction verification. They also make money through Arbitrage. Arbitrage is the simultaneous purchase and sale of an asset to profit from a difference in the price. It is a trade that profits by exploiting the price differences of identical or similar financial instruments such as cryptocurrencies on different markets or in different forms.

USI TECH has gone to great lengths to provide full disclosure by hiring attorneys knowledgeable with current FTC and SEC regulations.

The following are excerpts from our attorney option letter dated August 22, 2017: "USI-TECH LIMTED are in compliance with and actively endeavor to comply with those regulations currently in place by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). These endeavors include but are not limited to a complete disclosure of average affiliate earnings, website and privacy policy, and available-upon-request criminal background checks of all executives and leadership affiliates."